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February 3, 2014:  January Healthy Lifestyles: weight-loss tips, keeping kids healthy, cardiac scoring and more!

September 18, 1013:  A Seven Step Plan for Weight Loss

August 14, 2013: Southeast Bariatrics Chair Exercise Class 

August 5, 2013:  Watch Dr. Voellinger discuss Late Night Eating on WBTV

July 15, 2013WBTV interview with Dr. V and his nurse, Tiffany

May 9, 2013: Famous people having success with the Lap-Band

May 9, 2013: Famous people having success with the Lap-Band

November 13th, 2012: Watching your weight this winter

October 1, 2012: UNCC Live Broadcast

July 18, 2010:  FDA approves new weight loss drug

Watch Dr. Voellinger on Fox News Charlotte as he discusses the FDA's recent approval of two new weight loss medications.

July 18, 2012:  When your teen is obese

Read our registered dietician, Kristen Shaben's, article on adolescent obesity.

June 7, 2012:  Presbyterian House Call: Dieting vs. Surgical Weight Loss 

Dr. Voellinger has the skinny on losing weight naturally versus medications and surgical procedures. He explains how to choose the right options on Fox News Rising. 

April 6, 2012:  Study shows Bariatric Surgery helps treat Diabetes

News 14 gets Dr. Voellinger's professional opinion regarding the recent study that shows drastic improvement of Diabetes after undergoing the Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass.  

November 3, 2011:  Presbyterian House Call: Walk From Obesity

Listen to Dr. Voellinger's take on the Walk From Obesity

September 27, 2011:  Presbyterian Healthcare Receives OptumHealth® Center of Excellence Designation for Presbyterian Bariatric Center

Presbyterian Healthcare announced it has been named a Center of Excellence (COE) by OptumHealth Care Solutions, one of the nation's largest health and wellness companies. 

July 18, 2011:  Southeast Bariatrics and Presbyterian Bariatric Center Perform Charlotte's first Micro-Laparoscopic Weight Loss Surgery

Currently, Dr. Voellinger is the only surgeon in the Charlotte area who offers surgical weight loss options using micro-laparoscopic technology.  Learn about this new techniquw and the multiple benefits it offers for patients!  

March 23, 2011:  Presbyterian Hospital Huntersville and Southeast Bariatrics Use the da Vinci Si Surgical System to fight obesity epidemic

February 21, 2011:  Presbyterian Hospital and Southeast Bariatrics Offer LAP-BAND® Treatment Option to New Population of Patients

October 2, 2010:  SEB and Presbyterian Bariatric Center sponsor 4th Annual Walk From Obesity. Events include: Silent Auction, the “Big Pants Parade” and an interactive health fair featuring patient information, games, music.  Our walk ranked at #3 in the US!  GO SEB!


September 2009:  SEB and Presbyterian Bariatric Center sponsor 3rd Annual Walk From Obesity. Our Walk once again ranks as #2 in the US!


March 5, 2009:  North Carolina Surgeon Performs Groundbreaking Incisionless Bariatric Procedure at PresbyterianHospital Learn about the newest technology in revisional weight loss surgery under Research Trials or our webpage SEB is one of the few centers in the country performing endoscopic incisionless surgery using the ROSE procedure on patients who have regained weight after their gastric bypass

September 27, 2008:  2nd Annual Walk from Obesity held to raise awareness about the obesity epidemic and money for obesity research. Southeast Bariatrics was the #2 ranked Walk in the US!


November 8, 2008:  Colleen Cook, the President of Bariatric Support Centers International ( and author of Success Habits of Weight Loss Surgery Patients, and Southeast Bariatrics held an educational seminar for bariatric healthcare professionals.

May 2-4, 2008:  SEB co-sponsors Weight Loss Surgery Conference with featuring Katie Jay as keynote speaker.


April 21, 2008:  Press release of Dr. Voellinger’s response to the 60 Minutes segment “The Bypass Effect” aired on April 20th.

November 6, 2007:  Annie Lee, SEB’s exercise physiologist is featured on The FIRM: Total Body TransFIRMation System video series.

September 29, 2007:  Southeast Bariatrics and the Presbyterian Bariatric Center host the 2007 Walk from Obesity. We raised $25,000 for obesity research and patient advocacy, over 100 people participated and we were ranked the #3 Walk in the US.


May 19, 2007:  Dr. Voellinger presents to the Speaking of Women’s Health Conference in Winston-Salem, “Long-Term Solution for a Lifetime Struggle with Obesity”

May 2, 2007 Dr. Voellinger presents to the American Board of Bariatric Medicine on “Bariatric Surgery Review 2007” in Nashville, TN

March 15, 2007:  Dr. Voellinger presents to the “46th Annual Post-Graduate Symposium”

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