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The following are unsolicited patient testimonials about Dr. Voellinger:

Dr. V was great! He answered all my questions at the initial seminar required before my consultation. He was very witty and gave a lot of information. I almost can kick myself for waiting to have my surgery! He seemed genuinely interested in helping me to get started on my wight loss journey!
— T.K.

Dr. Voellinger is very straight forward. I liked him from the beginning. His office staff is also very impressive with most having had WLS in the past. There is a wealth of information there, and any and all the staff can answer your questions from their past personal experiences with WLS. The risks of surgery are discussed and [Dr. Voellinger] emphasizes yours based on your medical history. His new office has everything that is needed for your before and aftercare program. One stop care. Dr. V. is a “10” in my book. His bedside manner is great.
— L.S.

I met Dr. Voellinger at a seminar presented by him and his staff. My first impression was that he was a surgeon who was proud of his work and wanted to educate those of us in the room about WLS. When I followed up with an appointment with him I noted how friendly and thorough he was. I have had other surgeons who wouldn’t give you more than seconds of their time. Dr. V stayed and answered all of my questions and was very patient with me when I wasn’t sure of how to phrase a question. His staff met with me individually and explained their [entire] process and gave insights of what to expect. They all reinforced the importance of the aftercare and I contracted with him to see him at least once a year after I was discharged from the surgery. I am very confident with him as a surgeon based on the number of procedures he has done and the way he is involved with his patients in the aftercare.
— J.O.

My first encounter with Dr. Voellinger was at the lap-band seminar and I was extremely impressed with his presentation and commitment as a Bariatric Surgeon. This is his mission in life, to properly prepare you for surgery, and following you for life after surgery. His office staff are the best and helpful in every step of the way. I feel totally prepared for my surgery on 10/9 and know what to expect after surgery. It is also a comfort to know that everyone in his office knows who you are, and they are only a phone call away if I run into any problems. Would like to emphasize the importance of the support groups. Dr. Voellinger covers everything, and you also receive a gift to start you off on your new journey.
— L. F.

Dr. V was very helpful in providing information and answering questions at my initial consult. He explained what steps needed to be taken. He also was clear in the risks in my particular case (revision of a stomach stapling done 25 years ago). His staff at Southeast Bariatrics is very helpful. Many in fact have been through the procedure. Dr. V. and staff places great emphasis on post care and post surgical check-ins. However, they don’t wait until then – you start a program for exercise and nutrition prior [to the procedure] to help you get in better shape to recover from surgery.
— C.P.

Met Dr. V at his office on 7/18 for consult. Met entire staff; everyone was great. Everything was as I expected with Dr. V and his staff, thorough and complete. My wife joined me and we had a lot of questions. I wasn’t sure which procedure I wanted to have before this visit, but I have decided for RNY after Dr. V answered all my questions. Now I am completing my gauntlet of pre-op tests and procedures.
— C.M.

I attended the information seminar given by the hospital, and Dr. Voellinger was a participant in that. I thought he seemed very knowledgeable as well as nice. I had my initial consult with him on June 20th. Had to wait quite a while, but not too bad. First I saw the nurse who took height, weight, blood pressure, and things like that. Then I saw the PA who went over my medical history with me. Then I met Dr. Voellinger, and he was very thorough in his explanations, and answered all my questions. Then they have you meet with one of the nurses who have had WLS herself, to talk about some of the life changes that will be happening. Last, I met with the patient coordinator who gathers up all the information that is needed and submits it to the insurance company. I have called and emailed several times since then with questions, and they have been good at response time.
— E.B.

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Dr. Voellinger and his staff are wonderful! He and is team are very committed to ensuring that all of your questions are answered. They take you step by step giving you all of the details of what to expect before and after surgery. Dr. Voellinger is a very nice and caring man. He is very patient and detailed I could not have found a better doctor!
— K.J.

My first impression of Dr Voellinger was really good. He explained the surgery, and the risks. Dr V. will answer any questions you may have, but you must pay attention because he speaks very quickly. My comfort level with Dr V grew each time I saw him. I felt very comfortable putting my life in his hands. His whole office staff is wonderful. They really made the process as smooth as it could be. There is nothing that I really disliked about Dr V. Future patients should know that sometimes you may have to wait awhile for your first appointment (I think mine was two months.) I know he is a man in demand but he will spend what time is needed with you. Aftercare is a point that Dr V really pushes. I was impressed with his aftercare program. Dr V was very straightforward regarding the pros and cons of the surgery. He did not sugar coat anything. I think Dr V is a wonderful surgeon that has helped me change my life. I was impressed by both his surgical competence and bedside manner. You rarely find both in a Dr!
— M.L.

I love Dr. Voellinger. He is comforting, commanding and inspires a great level of confidence in not only his abilities as a surgeon but also in my success. His staff is hard working and dedicated. Almost all of them have had WLS and are very understanding. I highly recommend him and his practice-Southeast Bariatrics.
— B.H.

My first impression was that he was just so nice and answered all my questions. He told me everything to expect and all the risk involved with the type of surgery that I have chosen. His office staff is just exceptional-they have been so kind and helpful throughout this whole process. They never made me feel like I was wasting their time or bothering them in any way. He has a very structured aftercare program to help me keep in line with the program and to reach my specific goals.
— K.S.

He has a wonderful bedside manner. Tells all the facts and then asks for questions. It usually takes a long time to get things done but then again they have had a lot to deal with because of the new office. So far I like Dr. Voellinger completely. Aftercare I will learn more about later. He did explain the risks of surgery completely. Even had it in writing. Both surgical competence and bedside manner are great. I encourage anyone to go to Dr. Voellinger.
— B.U.

My first impression was he was straightforward and busy. :) When I went in after approval, he was happy, explained things further and was very nice. During the procedure and the recovery time in the hospital, he visited me every day as well as a good portion of his staff and has a terrific bedside manner. I would recommend him to anyone considering having this surgery. He is terrific.
— L.M.

Doctor Voellinger is a great surgeon…. He sticks with you and makes sure that what needs to be done is done! His staff is also excellent!!! I would rate him top notch!!
— M.C.

Everyone at Southeast Bariatrics has been wonderful in trying to help locate my missing file (which was to be transferred from the Presbyterian Bariatric Center to Southeast Bariatrics and never showed up…it is now completely MIA). Steffney, Julie and Pamela were extremely friendly and helpful. I enjoyed meeting Dr. Voellinger and truly feel that he has a passion for what he does. He is very through (he requires a little more pre-op than some other Drs.) But I think he tries to provide each patient the most opportunity for success.
— S.V.

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