Online Seminar Registration

MY Online Registration Process

At Southeast Bariatrics, we understand that it may be difficult to attend an in-person bariatric seminar.  In order to make this registration process more convenient, we now offer the same in-depth information provided in an in-person course, but from the comfort of your home. 

STEP ONE: Participate in the FREE Online Bariatric Seminar

To participate in our Online Seminar, click here. You will be directed to a registration page, and upon completion you will be able to view at your convenience. To ensure full participation, there will be six small quizzes that must be completed with a passing score of 80%. After completion of the seminar and quiz, you will have the opportunity to schedule an Initial Consult with our surgeon. Please note, this seminar cannot be completed on a mobile device or tablet.

STEP TWO: Complete My Registration Packet

To expedite your process and ensure your scheduled Initial Consult with our surgeon, you must complete the Patient Registration Packet and the Novant Medical Group New Patient Information Packet. Upon completion, please fax both of these packets, including a copy of your insurance card to 704-316-7761.  

STEP THREE: Attend My Initial Consult 

To prepare for your Initial Consult with our surgeon, please click here

STEP FOUR: Prepare for My Surgery

We understand the many questions that arise when you are preparing for your surgery. Please view our Educational Resources page for various education material, informative hand-outs and helpful links as you continue throughout the pre-operative process.  

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